About the Website

About the Website

Dear visitor, I have a broad interest in all things technology, science and history, with a main focus on electronics, programming and cryptology. I also have a passion for old crypto equipment and signals intelligence, both technically and historically, and in WW2 and Cold War history. The combination of all this resulted in a desire to bring to life some of the marvels of cryptology through software simulations, with an emphasis on authenticity and respect for their history.

In 2004, I decided to share my passion for cryptology and cipher machines through this website and the SIGINT Chatter blog. My goal is to get people interested in the intriguing world of cryptography and codebreaking, and to show how a seemingly boring subject can be a truly fascinating journey into history. I hope to inspire the reader to look beyond the well-known WW2 and Cold War stories, to discover the importance of cryptology, intelligence, and how it influenced modern history. History is here to share!

The number of visitors and the kind feedback encourages me to keep this site up to date and expand it whenever time allows. I appreciate all feedback, additional information or reporting of broken links to improve this site. You can send an e-mail or write something in the guestbook.

The Internet Archive also preserves copies of this website and copies of the blog. Also, if you encounter a dead external link on this website, then copy that link to the their Wayback Machine to find a preserved copy, as most links are also archived. Until 2021, this website was hosted at the address which is no longer in use (more info at the updates page).

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Copyright Notice

This website is created for educational purposes and its content and images are protected by international copyright laws. If you would like to use contents or images of this website, please ask first and permission is usually be granted for non-commercial use, provided that full credits and a link to this website are provided as follows: " Copyright Dirk Rijmenants".

All photos, images and drawings are copyrighted by Dirk Rijmenants or by third parties. Some content comes from unknown sources. If you encounter copyrighted material on this website without proper reference, then please contact us and we will add the proper credits and references or remove the material. Contact us for further questions regarding the use of copyrighted content.

Privacy Statement & Cookie Policy

This website supports HTTPS to browse te pages securely and anonymously. The privacy of the visitors is respected and this non-commercial website does not use any online or offline database. No personal information about any individual visitor is stored, disclosed, distributed or sold to any third party. If you contact us, your e-mail address will only be used to reply if necessary. When you send a guestbook entry, your e-mail address is by default not published, unless you actively choose to add it to the guestbook, and even then, only a chopped version is published to limit spam. All offsite links to other websites are selected carefully, based on information value and quality.

This website uses Statcounter web statistics to help improve and optimize the contents, performance and compatibility. For this purpose, one analytic performance cookie is sent to your computer. No personally identifiable information is retrieved or recorded. The statistics are date and time, visited page, browser, operating system version, screen resolution, referring link and IP address. You can opt to refuse Statcounter cookies. Read more on how to change the cookie settings directly in your browser for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera.

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To the best of our knowledge, this site contains unclassified information only. All information has been obtained from publicly available sources. Whenever possible, references and links to the sources have been added. Although we do our best to present the contents of this website as correct as possible, we cannot guarantee it to be free from errors. We therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from the use or misuse of the information on this website, or its suitability for any particular purpose.

This website and the downloads do not contain any spyware, adware or other malware, and is checked on a regular basis to keep it free from harmful software. We encourage all visitors to always check downloads with anti-virus software. On this website, you can also verify the integrity of the downloaded software with the SHA-256 Hash Check. Prudence is a good habit!

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