Articles on Cryptography & Intelligence

On this page you will find some articles I wrote, related to cryptography and intelligence. You are free to download and copy, publish or distribute these articles, as long as you preserve the original copyrights and credits. Click the link to read or the pdf icon to download.

Cuban Agent Communications, Failure of a Perfect System
In the last decade, several spies who worked for Cuban Intelligence and received their instructions through shortwave numbers stations were arrested in the United States. Why did they fail and got caught?
The Complete Guide to Secure Communications with the One Time Pad Cipher
A guide on the use of one-time pad and how to deal with the corresponding security issues.
Is One-time Pad History?
Has one-time pad become obsolete or does it still earn its place in the modern world of cryptography and computers?
Spies and Numbers - Here to Stay
Are Numbers Stations spy stations? This article explains what they are and why they are still alive and kicking.
Secret Splitting - A practical and secure way to delegate keys
An article on how to give your secret code or password in custody of multiple persons without disclosing the secret itself.
Secure Code Splitter
A practical ready-to-use template to split the secret code of your combination lock, safe deposit box or key code, in a perfectly secure way and without disclosing the secret code itself.
Enigma Message Procedures Used by the Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine The article I wrote for Cryptologia, published in Volume 34, Issue 4, October 2010, page 329-339, also available as complete issue October 2010. This article is part of a publication by Taylor & Francis. Due to publisher copyrights, the article is only available at Taylor & Francis or online at Informaworld.

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