Cipher Classics

The Cipher Classics tool can encipher and decipher messages with a list of classic ciphers, also called field ciphers, as they were used by many soldiers and secret agents in history. You can use the program to encipher your text in a blink of an eye, or use the pencil-and-paper method, by following the clear instructions on how to encipher your text by hand. You will learn to use some of the most famous encryption methods, developed by cryptologists in the past. This program is a must for anyone who is interested in the history of codes and codebreaking.

List of available ciphers:

  • ADFGVX Cipher
  • Caesar Shift (rotation cipher)
  • Columnar Transposition
  • Double Columnar Transposition
  • Playfair
  • Straddling Checkerboard
  • Straddling Checkerboard with Double Columnar
  • Vigenere
  • The Wheatstone Cryptograph (added by Moshe Rubin)

Runs on all Windows™ versions and with WINE on Linux or Parallels Desktop on MAC.

All feedback, suggestions or comments are most welcome by e-mail or by visiting the Guestbook.

Download Cipher Classics

Download Cipher Classics v3.2 (Zip 1.4MB)
Please check the readme file before installation!
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