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The History of Enigma
The origins of the Enigma, the commercial and military versions and its use during WW2.
  Technical Details
Discover how the Enigma machine works and examine its internal parts.
Message Procedures
Learn how the German Wehrmacht used the Enigma in WW2.
  Enigma and the U-boat War
The story of the Kriegsmarine U-boats and how their messages were broken.
Kurzsignalen on German U-boats
The use of short signal messages and message procedures on U-boats
  The M4 Project
Break an original U-boat message and read the story of U-264. Courtesy Stefan Krah.
The Enigma Simulator
An authentic simulation of the Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Enigma machines
  Enigma Cipher Challenge
Show your code breaking skills and join the challenge to break ten messages.
Enigma Codebook Tool
Generate your own code books with key settings for your Enigma.
  Enigma as School Project
Enigma is a mix of military history, technology and espionage. A perfect topic for school.
FAQ's About Enigma
Some of the most frequent questions I received about Enigma.
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